Feeder Package

WPS Feeder Package


–  The WPS Feeder Package are Western Pneumatics feeders with heavy gauge construction of t-injectors and tables. T-injectors are available for any size pipe up to 24″ with optional check valves.

Key Features


  • Drive guard per O.S.H.A standards
  • Belt driven shaft mount reducer assembly
  • Top knife access door
  • Extra heavy housing of reinforced box construction with chrome-plated bore
  • Bottom knife at discharge opening cleans rotor blades at that point
  • Removable inspection door on tee injector for access to bottom knife
  • Special design tee injector with integrated check valve
  • Helical rotor blades with stainless steel cutting edges
  • Chipper quality alloy steel knife at top for shearing “overs” and cleaning rotor blades
  • Adjustable brass seal rings for minimum air loss
  • Dual shaft seals for minimum air loss
  • Over-size stress-proof alloy steel rotor shaft
  • Double roller outboard mounted bearings to prevent contamination
  • Access door for inspection of check valve

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